Why lettuce sucks and is a filler food best meant for rabbits.

Have you ever ordered a salad from a restaurant and gotten this?

(Insert a picture of bowl of lettuce.   One piece of tomato.  One random extra vegetable that likely is something you might not want anyway.  Like an onion.)

You ordered a salad, not a head of lettuce!  And yet, this is what you now have in front of you.  Naturally, what ends up happening is you put a cup of salad dressing on it in order to make it somewhat appetizing.

Some restaurants don’t even disguise the fact that you’re going to get a salad of lettuce (likely due to previous complaints I’d imagine).  You get a “mixed greens” salad.  Which is an expensive version of rabbit food if you ask me.

As you might have gathered, I don’t like lettuce.  It’s not that I won’t eat it or can’t eat it.  I don’t mind the taste of it.  But it’s boring.  So very, very boring.  It is the ultimate filler food — it only tastes good when you’ve added something to it.  The Caesar salad is a perfect example of this.  With bacon of course.  Everyone loves bacon… unless you’re my boyfriend.  But he doesn’t count.

“But what about the BLT?” you might argue, “How do you make a decent sandwich if you don’t have the moisture barrier of the lettuce?”  This is a valid point actually.  Personally, I keep the tomato separate and add it to my sandwich just before eating it.  But for some of you maybe that’s a tad extreme.   In which case, I suppose that lettuce may serve some purpose for you and the rabbits.  And you may turn into a rabbit for eating it.  Just saying.

PS: I also never have to deal with the fact that when I order a pita from pita pit that it’s 90% lettuce.

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2 Responses to Why lettuce sucks and is a filler food best meant for rabbits.

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  2. Moog says:

    rabbits actually cannnot eat iceberg lettuce and should not eat romaine lettuce
    and maybe you should check this site out for your nutritional facts:

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