Why I wish humans were mice

MS clip art had this picture listed as a mouse. However, I think it's actually a rat based off of hard scientific evidence. Mice are small and cute. This one has an evil scheming look going on. Therefore, it must be a rat.

All of the work I do in my lab is with human samples.  Namely their blood.  It has earned me a bit of a vampirism reputation among my friends (of the boring, non-sparkly, non-angsty, pale because I work in a lab with no windows, variety).  Although some of my colleagues work with animals, I’ve stuck with humans for my project.  But sometimes I wish humans were mice.  Or really any sort of small animal that allows you to win a staring contest because you’re bigger than it is.

Since I’ve been brainwashed in elementary school to summarize my thoughts in chart-format, I have made a PMI chart (pluses, minuses, and interesting facts) explaining the benefits of working with animals in science.  For my argument I’ll use the preferred rodent of choice, the mouse.

The Solution (obviously…): Clone humans and keep them locked up in cages as mice.  I’m sure this was exactly what Bush was worried about.

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4 Responses to Why I wish humans were mice

  1. Turber says:

    If humans were more like mice we’d have less trouble in the world, and a happier life all together 😉 LOL

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