Facebook’s Recommended Pages: On the worship of bacon and other things I’m supposed to like.

I am under the general impression that Facebook by now should know me better than I know myself.

Certainly, that seems to be the general consensus in this new age of loss of privacy and social media.  So I find it amusing when I login to Facebook and see my Recommended Pages; a list of things that Facebook thinks I should be peer-pressured into liking.

The top spot goes to bacon!  And really, is that such a surprise?  I suppose all those Facebook statuses I have been posting about my love of bacon and my pictures of bacon-related products have not gone unnoticed.  Wanna go to Denny’s for a maple bacon sundae, anyone?  Let’s go!  Give me just a minute – I just need to save something on my usb memory stick made out of BACON.

In actual fact, very little of my time online has been spent in the worship of bacon (…a mistake I intend to rectify immediately).  Rather, I’m the sort of person who speaks fondly of bacon in response to vegan outcries of injustice.  And because my boyfriend doesn’t like bacon, and I like to taunt him about it.

The Toronto Zoo claims a very fitting second place finish.  How did Facebook know that I like going there and eating my bacon in front of the pigs?  Must have been those photos I posted.

For the third spot, I have to admit at first I was slightly confused.  The boy from The Wonder Years who was also the annoying grandkid in The Princess Bride made the list?  Then Wikipedia informed me that I was getting Dan Savage confused with Fred Savage.  I don’t know who this Dan fellow is, but so long as he isn’t a snarky child and can just sit and be quiet during story time, then I guess he’s okay.

As for the rest of the list, apparently I should like being unlovable as well.  I’m doing my best, folks.  As for the Vancouver Canucks, I will never like them.  To my family in Vancouver: Please don’t hurt me.  See, I told you I like being unlovable…

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5 Responses to Facebook’s Recommended Pages: On the worship of bacon and other things I’m supposed to like.

  1. I think the recommended likes are things your friends have liked, but put in random order. And you need to break up with that guy stat. There is something fundamentally in error with a man who does not like bacon

  2. Andrew says:

    The Dan Savage one is hilarious. It’s ridiculous how fast stupid stuff like that spreads.

  3. Facebook thinks I like that Jamaican singer with the huge ass…just cos I looked up her ass ONCE!

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