Why I Love my Mother

Dear Mum, I drew you a picture. You can either interpret it as me sending you love… or that I’m being stabbed by heart-rays (like most children’s drawings, really).

My Mom is awesome, and so on Mother’s Day I’d thought I’d mention just a few reasons why I love her (besides her always having my back).

My Mom is the ultimate survival skills provider: she wrote out recipes for me so I didn’t starve at university (aka live on a diet of Kraft Dinner).  She was the one that showed me how to put on eyeshadow and concealer.  She taught me how to stern a canoe.  She gives me pep talks when I need them, and a shoulder to cry on too. (Ooo!  A rhyme!)

She’s got a blackberry and loves playing on her ipad.  She keeps me up-to-date with frequent emails and texts.  Yup, you should be jealous of how technically savvy my Mom is.

She’s passionate about the things she believes in, and has not been afraid to pursue those passions.  In doing so, she’s developed a crafty skill set that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to match: rug-hooker, knitter, quilter, multi-media artist, golfer…  There are just some of the things I’ve watched her learn to do over the years.

She’s a musician.  She has always had a passion for the piano and I was so proud when I got to see her graduate from the Royal Conservatory of Music when I was in my mid-teens.  She was the Mum who did sing-a-longs at my Kindergarten with her guitar, and when I was older, she was the one who would push me in all of my (semi) artistic pursuits.  She taught me my basic chords on the guitar.  She took me to my piano lessons every week (I never would listen to her when she tried to teach me herself).  She bought me my uke, which I still cannot play.  She attended all of my piano and voice recitals, and has never missed any of my choir concerts (even when I was 25 and she had to fly to another city to see me).

My father and I often joke about “Adventure Mum,” but we have had a lot of unforgettable adventures together.  My Mom and I have travelled all over the world, just the two of us.  Wandering the streets of Montmartre in search of the perfect flan; drinking beer after a day of skiing in the hills of Zermatt or Lech; hiking around Mexico in ridiculous cowboy hats; canoing in Northern Ontario (particularly in leaky canoes)—these are memories I will always cherish of my Mom and I.

Bonne fête des Mères, Mum (…parce que j’ai besoin pratiquer mon français, je sais).

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One Response to Why I Love my Mother

  1. Yeah I love mine too!

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