Geekgasm of the Day: Holy Musical B@tman

I don’t quite remember how I first stumbled upon StarKid Productions. It must have been while I was wandering around YouTube, lost in a vortex of cat videos. StarKid Productions shot to internet infamy a few years back when their production of “A Very Potter Musical” went viral.  If you can weather your way through the bad audio quality (like any hard-core Harry Potter fan can), then it’s a fun musical ride through all of the Harry Potter books.

Since then, Harry Potter (aka Darren Criss) has gone on to work on some show on television called “Glee”. However, the rest of the production cast in the meantime has gone on to create something much, much better.

Holy Musical B@tman:
What happens when you take the Dark Knight, put him into Adam West’s costumes and punny dialogue, add in all of your favourite DC superheroes, and make them sing? You get this. And this is amazing.

Warning: only start watching when you have some time, people. It’s a full musical production. I made the unfortunate mistake of telling a friend about this around midnight last night, and I don’t think she got any sleep last night before having to go to work this morning.

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2 Responses to Geekgasm of the Day: Holy Musical B@tman

  1. I love Starkid and all their work. I LOOOVED AVPM/S as I am a huge Harry Potter fan too. However, I wasn’t entirely pleased with HMB. I didn’t have much Batman knowledge to begin so maybe that’s why. I was also was sad that stars like Joey and Darren weren’t there and others like Lauren and Jamie didn’t get huge roles. Do I regret watching it? Not at all. Was it as good as it could have been? Nope.
    I still love Starkid, though ❤

    • We’ll see if it ends up leaving a lasting impact in my mind the way AVPM/S did. I still randomly go around saying “Red vines?” and “super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot”, but I’m not sure if I’ll be walking around quoting any of B@tman.

      I grew up watching Adam West’s Batman, and I think if you have some knowledge of that campy series, the jokes might be a bit stronger. I think this clip pretty much sums it up:

      Thanks for reading. 🙂

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