In defense of coffee

Coffee.  It’s so, so delicious.  And I (like many of my fellow grad school survivors) am addicted to the stuff.  However, often times, I find myself having to defend my beverage of choice to my non-coffee drinking friends.  (I know?!  Who are these people?  And more importantly, why am I still friends with them?)

Fortunately, it seems that C.G.P. Grey shares my frustrations, and has posted a video response, defending coffee as the greatest addiction ever.

I recommend checking out his blog for a bunch of fun videos on various subjects.  Although, I admit, I do wish he would put just as much energy into referencing his information as he does his image sources.  As such, although I like the sentiment of his videos, I realize I’m being slightly hypocritical.  Without knowing his references, we cannot know how accurate his statements really are (aka reading the science like a scientist).  Just that they make for amusing youtubes.

I suppose I could do a proper review of the literature on coffee, summarize my findings, and make my own conclusions here, but really, that would just be the responsible thing to do.  And sounds like a lot of work for someone who is (nearly) unemployed.

Instead, I decided to do an experiment.  On myself.  And further disregarding all scientific method, I decided that drawing a cartoon was the best way to illustrate my results.  (Get it?  Illustrate?!  Yeah… I know… I have no friends.  They all gave up drinking coffee so I couldn’t be friends with them.  Or maybe it was because I experimented on all of them?  …will you be my friend?)

The Results of My Totally Scientific Experiment Studying Coffee’s Awesomeness:

Conclusion: Coffee is necessary for consciousness.  And blog-posting.

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5 Responses to In defense of coffee

  1. My parents drank it strong with only a little milk. I didn’t realize you COULD sweeten it; so I hated coffee for a long, long time. Then I had kids and got desperate for energy. Now, it’s one of my favorite things in the whole universe! Yummmm, coffee!

  2. It used to give me headaches but I can drink it now! I don’t care that much about the taste but at least I spend half the day with my eyes open doing stuff now.

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