For all of my crickets…

Why hello everybody!  (I imagine the response to be internet crickets a-chirping.  Are there crickets on the internet?  What would be the equivalent?  The absence of trolls?)

Anyway, you might have noticed that I haven’t been blogging of late.  More than likely however, you didn’t notice I was gone at all.  Procrastinating about my thesis has been a tad more difficult since now the thesis is submitting and all.  Instead I’ve been trying to finish up experiments, where of course the data is not entirely what I was expecting.  (Huh, some sort of purpose to the peer review process…?  What is this?  Actual science?!)  I have also had my official “last day” at the lab, which went over about as well as a funeral.  Now I’m packing to move apartments for Tuesday, and then leaving the country Thursday to go on “vacation”.  Otherwise known as unemployment.

As such, I likely will not be blogging again for quite some time.  I like to keep travel journals, so I may compile a post about the trip with some of the highlights.  When I get back, expect lots of posts about how I don’t like applying for jobs, am useless at interviews, and am driving people up the wall with my normal behaviour.

It seems that I am still very much in lost lands.

(Hey!  See what I did there?  With the title of the blog and everything?  Yeah, I’m a genius…)

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