Things I did while not blogging

So this little break of mine quickly turned into half a year…  oops?  A lot of things happened in those six months, and believe it or not, I didn’t stop writing – quite the opposite actually.

A short list of the things I did while not blogging, in somewhat chronological order:

  1. I moved!
  2. I traveled!
  3. I graduated!
  4. I got a job!
  5. I traveled again!
  6. I have not been fired from work yet!

In summary, not much happened at all.  And now I declare that Inlostlands is now open for business again, as I have emerged from my not blogging break as an employed adult.  Yes, it is as freaky as it sounds.

Since the by-line of this blog was originally, “what happens when you don’t want to write your thesis,” you might have notice that it’s been changed.  Furthermore, the About section has been updated too.  What can you expect, my dear, non-existent blog-reader?  Less of a focus on the torment of graduate school, I hope, and more content about the things I love, such as science, travel, writing, and bow ties.  Because bow ties are cool.

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One Response to Things I did while not blogging

  1. Now that you’re back…I want to turn you on to our editing book clubs. Not sure if you are currently publishing…but the book clubs are a great way to get an editor’s feedback at a really good price. Less than $15 per day. Just in case you’re interested…or your readers may be….here’s the link to apply for more info.

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