Tempted by Twitter

I don’t have a twitter account.  However, it’s becoming more and more tempting of late.  It started with TNG Season 8, dedicated to tweeting the “plots from the unaired 8th season of Star Trek: The Next Generation”.  For someone who grew up reading bad Star Trek fan fiction, and has the attention span of Generation Y, this has been a god send of good times.

Picard and his flute.  'nuff said.

But what could be better than hearing about how Wesley Crusher accidentally called Picard “mom” in front of the entire bridge?  (Poor Wil Wheaton, he still can never catch a break.)

There is a new twitter account that may have finally convinced me that I need to do this twitter thing.  I need to, no, must know the minute a new tweet is posted and am tempted to make my own.  This is Overly Honest Methods.

#survivinggradschool #overlyhonestmethods

This is academic science, people.  Or at least, it was my experience, and from the reception this new hashtag has had on the internet, I know I’m not alone.  Most of them are punch-lines, but then again, who hasn’t had the experience of having to use a reagent labeled in a foreign language?  Or being the only one at the lab at 7pm on Friday night and not being sure if there’s a serious gas leak, or if “that’s what the giant carbon dioxide tank is supposed to do”?  Or knows the post-doc who keeps dissected mouse spleens in their fridge at home?  Am I right?

I think I need a twitter account.

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One Response to Tempted by Twitter

  1. Anita Mac says:

    I go through hooked on twitter phases….awesome way to pass the time! Learn some cool stuff! But, on the down side…where did the morning go!

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