Sailing in the British Virgin Islands – Day 2

This is day 2 of my trip journal of sailing for a week in the British Virgin Islands.  For an introduction and day 1, please click here.

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Day 2: Provisioning and “The Bite”

The next morning we had a few housekeeping things needed to be done before we could set sail.  After succeeding in our quest for coffee, we went to our chart briefing.  The chart briefing gives you an overview of the area and helpful tidbits: such as anchorages, popular day moorings, beaches, snorkeling and swimming spots, and where to go to get the best rum cocktails.  You know, the important stuff a sailor needs to know.

This was followed up with a trip to the local supermarket to “provision” the boat.  Although there was a shopping list, I feel this is where we shone as the typical dysfunctional family unit, where no one knew what the other was doing.  In the end, we had enough wine to fill a bathtub and two jars of mustard.  It’s the list’s fault; it wasn’t alphabetical.

My mother also got her misplaced luggage and in the afternoon, we sailed to “The Bite” on Norman Island.  We had the first of what would be a theme of mooring buoy fails.  Mooring buoy are generally how you park your boat for the night in BVI – a sort of permanent anchor that looks like a brightly coloured ball that you can tie your boat to.  This one was challenging simply because I was a bit rusty in my mooring buoy skills; my boyfriend got some good exercise holding onto the buoy as I flailed around.  Little did I know this would end up being one of the easier ones… We stayed in that night and drank some of our 75 proof rum.  It’s a surprise we managed to up at all, let alone early, the next morning.

Click here for day 3 of my sailing adventure!

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