Sailing in the British Virgin Islands – Day 6

This is day 6 of my trip journal of sailing for a week in the British Virgin Islands.  For an introduction and day 1, please click here.


Day 6: Eating lobster at Anegada

Anegada has a bit of a reputation for being difficult to sail into.  It is the only inhabited island formed from coral and limestone in BVI (according to Wikipedia) and that is why it is so flat compared to its neighbours, which in contrast have a rather volcanic history. It can be a bit tricky to get into since the markers meant to safely guide you through the coral reef that surrounds the island are only kind-of sort-of there.  3 out of 6 markers isn’t too bad, I suppose.*

Unfortunately, when we got to Anegada, we found that despite our best efforts, a floatilla (a large group of sailboats, travelling together) had taken all the appropriate mooring buoys.  We anchored, rather awkwardly.  Then we were directed to go on a mooring buoy, which eventually got veto’d by my father.  In all fairness, our depth sounder was reading “0.0 feet,” meaning there was apparently no water underneath the boat.  We eventually snatched up a mooring buoy from a late-departing boat, but the entire anchorage was very shallow.  I don’t think my father slept all night because he was constantly worried that we were running aground.

That evening, my family and I stuffed ourselves with lobster at the Anegada Hotel.  The restaurant was a beachside bar, decorated with Christmas lights, and a few picnic tables on the sand.  You have to make sure to make a reservation (by radio or in person) for your meal — this was not just for where we went for dinner, but necessary for all of the restaurants on the island.  You’ll also be asked what you want to eat for dinner.  An easy suggestion from me – go for the lobster.  You won’t be disappointed.

For day 7 of my sailing adventure, please click here!

*The fourth largest barrier coral reef on earth?!  I did not know that!  Thanks, Wikipedia!

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