Tempted by Twitter

I don’t have a twitter account.  However, it’s becoming more and more tempting of late.  It started with TNG Season 8, dedicated to tweeting the “plots from the unaired 8th season of Star Trek: The Next Generation”.  For someone who grew up reading bad Star Trek fan fiction, and has the attention span of Generation Y, this has been a god send of good times.

Picard and his flute.  'nuff said.

Click for more because this is a blog and not twitter.

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Things I did while not blogging

So this little break of mine quickly turned into half a year…  oops?  A lot of things happened in those six months, and believe it or not, I didn’t stop writing – quite the opposite actually.

A short list of the things I did while not blogging, in somewhat chronological order:

  1. I moved!
  2. I traveled!
  3. I graduated!
  4. I got a job!
  5. I traveled again!
  6. I have not been fired from work yet!

In summary, not much happened at all.  And now I declare that Inlostlands is now open for business again, as I have emerged from my not blogging break as an employed adult.  Yes, it is as freaky as it sounds.

Since the by-line of this blog was originally, “what happens when you don’t want to write your thesis,” you might have notice that it’s been changed.  Furthermore, the About section has been updated too.  What can you expect, my dear, non-existent blog-reader?  Less of a focus on the torment of graduate school, I hope, and more content about the things I love, such as science, travel, writing, and bow ties.  Because bow ties are cool.

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For all of my crickets…

Why hello everybody!  (I imagine the response to be internet crickets a-chirping.  Are there crickets on the internet?  What would be the equivalent?  The absence of trolls?)

Anyway, you might have noticed that I haven’t been blogging of late.  More than likely however, you didn’t notice I was gone at all.  Procrastinating about my thesis has been a tad more difficult since now the thesis is submitting and all.  Instead I’ve been trying to finish up experiments, where of course the data is not entirely what I was expecting.  (Huh, some sort of purpose to the peer review process…?  What is this?  Actual science?!)  I have also had my official “last day” at the lab, which went over about as well as a funeral.  Now I’m packing to move apartments for Tuesday, and then leaving the country Thursday to go on “vacation”.  Otherwise known as unemployment.

As such, I likely will not be blogging again for quite some time.  I like to keep travel journals, so I may compile a post about the trip with some of the highlights.  When I get back, expect lots of posts about how I don’t like applying for jobs, am useless at interviews, and am driving people up the wall with my normal behaviour.

It seems that I am still very much in lost lands.

(Hey!  See what I did there?  With the title of the blog and everything?  Yeah, I’m a genius…)

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The “benefits” of donating blood

I’ve mentioned before how most of my experiments use blood (usually donated by my close friends who don’t mind being poked by needles). Sometimes though, it can be hard to get people to come in for a bleeding (surprise, surprise). So, perhaps starting a bit of a theme here, as well as picking up on an ongoing joke we have here at my lab, I’d thought I’d make a poster advertising the benefits of donating blood.

I think I totally missed my calling in advertising…

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Geekgasm of the Day: Star Wars covers Call Me Maybe

Like Star Wars?  Have Carly Rae Jepsen’s juggernaut of a hit stuck in your head like everyone else?

Then today’s Geekgasm is just for you.

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In defense of coffee

Coffee.  It’s so, so delicious.  And I (like many of my fellow grad school survivors) am addicted to the stuff.  However, often times, I find myself having to defend my beverage of choice to my non-coffee drinking friends.  (I know?!  Who are these people?  And more importantly, why am I still friends with them?)

Read on for a totally scientific discussion about coffee.

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Geekgasm of the Day: Very Mary-Kate

If you happen to be of a particular generation, you may have grown up watching Full House, and consequently, grown up with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.  Certainly, for a period of time, their “adventures” were hard to avoid on VHS and it seemed that they were being used to market everything for preteens in the mid-1990s.  (By the way, if you don’t know what a VHS is, I’m afraid this entire blog post is going to go over your head.)

But what if Mary-Kate decided to bust out on her own, without Ashley, and conveniently her life was filmed for our amusement?   Geekgasm/Nostalgicasm of the Day: Very Mary-Kate

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