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5 Reasons to Smile

My facial expression when I’m relaxed is apparently not all that happy looking.  But really, smiling takes effort.  Why would it be the default?  Just because I’m not smiling, it doesn’t mean that I’m not happy (holy triple negatives, batman!). Googling “smiling” … Continue reading

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The “benefits” of donating blood

I’ve mentioned before how most of my experiments use blood (usually donated by my close friends who don’t mind being poked by needles). Sometimes though, it can be hard to get people to come in for a bleeding (surprise, surprise). So, … Continue reading

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On writing cover letters, and a small gripe with About.Com

I was strolling along the internet the other day (like you do). I was trying to find inspiration for writing my first cover letter to an editor for a paper I’m hoping to submit for publication later this week. This … Continue reading

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Censoring the Scientific Process: How much should we let fear get in the way of progress?

There’s an interesting debate going on in the scientific community right now concerning the dissemination of information. Ironically, the debate is about how much information we can trust people with, and is largely being ignored or misrepresented by the general … Continue reading

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How to read science like a scientist… and why grad school is the number one cause of alcoholism.

Usually it all starts out innocently enough. I first read the abstract (a short summary provided by the authors) of a scientific “peer-reviewed” paper in order to decide if I want to commit myself to finding and downloading the pdf file of … Continue reading

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10 survival tips to keep you warm in winter (specifically in Montreal, Canada)

1.  If you have to go outside, run everywhere instead of walking.  If you don’t have the skill to run on ice that most Canadians have honed since childhood, wear spikes on the bottom of your boots (like these!)  Or … Continue reading

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How not to choose your college major

I was thinking about how I stumbled upon my major in university, and came to the conclusion that choosing things by method of elimination can make you feel like an idiot.

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