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The “benefits” of donating blood

I’ve mentioned before how most of my experiments use blood (usually donated by my close friends who don’t mind being poked by needles). Sometimes though, it can be hard to get people to come in for a bleeding (surprise, surprise). So, … Continue reading

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In defense of coffee

Coffee.  It’s so, so delicious.  And I (like many of my fellow grad school survivors) am addicted to the stuff.  However, often times, I find myself having to defend my beverage of choice to my non-coffee drinking friends.  (I know?!  … Continue reading

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Why I Love my Mother

My Mom is awesome, and so on Mother’s Day I’d thought I’d mention just a few reasons why I love her (besides her always having my back).

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Me and my computer: a whole new level of codependency

I may have to revise my earlier post when I tried to divide my life up in pie-like proportions.  I’m not one to ruin a perfectly good pie (chart), so instead I’ve drawn a little doodle, illustrating my life of … Continue reading

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The Monday Effect: Because bad things only happen on Mondays.

Have you ever noticed that any little annoyance that happens on a Monday tends to be amplified to the worst thing that’s ever happened in the history of everything?  Or is this just me?  To explain my point, I drew … Continue reading

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